Lingnu was founded in 2003 by Shachar Shemesh, one of the leaders of the Israeli open source community. Prior to founding Lingnu, Shachar headed the security focus team at Check Point Software Technologies, one of the world leaders in firewall technologies. Shachar is also a founding member and a board member of Hamakor - an Israeli non-profit organization promoting Free Software.

The company provides know-how in core development, as well as bridging the gap between the corporate world and the decentralized open source community environment. Our wide expertise can provide the reliability and stability of payed support in a world that is based on a volunteering community.

Development Solutions

Lingnu employs a team of highly skilled software developers, with years of experience developing for both the Linux and Windows platforms. This team is available to our customers as an extension of their in-house development effort, or on a per-project basis. Our skills cover areas as low level as Linux kernel development (including creating a BSP for new platforms) or setting up custom Linux distribution and boot sequence, and as high as using Wine to port Windows applications to Linux, or writing cross platform GUI applications to run on both Linux and Windows.

Open Source Products Support

Lingnu aims to cover "all things open source". Our expertise in the driving forces behind the open source development model, as well as knowledge of the social rules that govern it, allows us fast, cheap and quality interaction with free software projects to achieve optimal upstream community suppor from the people who knows the software best - those who wrote it.

Our skilled developers are capable of in house solution to problems that the community support channel proves unable, or unwilling, to resolve. Through the ballance of the two, we provide the cheapest, highest quality solution to our customers.

IT Services

Lingnu provides outsourced or in-house IT services for all Linux or mixed Linux-Windows environments. These include a Windows workstations/Linux servers network, as well as mixed Linux/Windows and, of course, all Linux workstations. We have experience managing web servers, database servers (Oracle, Postgresql and MySql), including replication, and file and version control (Subversion) servers.

Backup Services

Lingnu is offering automatic backup services for small businesses. This is a reliable, efficient, reasonably priced automatic solution for one of the most problematic areas in managing a modern business.

Lingnu's automatic backup service is described here

Articles and publications by Shachar Shemesh.

Free Software

Slides for the "Linux Development Tools" lecture I have given at the "Go-Linux" event on April 10th, 2003 (Hebrew PDF)

Lecture given at "Haifux" about Wine (English PDF).

Installing a secure Linux server (English PDF)


A three part lecture given at Haifux about code security, what are vulnerabilities and how to exploit them. The lecture also had a frontal step by step development of a simple arbitrary command exploit for stack overrun and format string vulnerabilities.

An article (Hebrew) explaining why Linux won't be vulnerable to viruses, even if it becomes as common as Windows (PDF).